Thursday, May 17, 2007

Poultry News

The backbone of the composting and waste clean up are the ducks and chooks. With the eggs being an extra bonus as well.

Yesterday was a great day for composting as Neville my ex-lawn mower man dropped off 2 bins full of wonderful lush green lawn cuttings. With all the rain we have had of late, the cuttings were all green and hardly any dead leaves.

So the hens took full advantage of the lush cuttings and were straight into picking and scratching in the cuttings.

I too took a heap of the cuttings and added to the compost bin, mixing it with straw laced with chicken manure from the hen house. The rest of the lawn was spread round the duck run, to soak up the poultry poo and then added down the track to compost bins.

Also some of the lawn was mixed in the tyre compost bin when I rotated the tyres and fluffed up the compost.

Ducks and bantams took full advantage of the now vacant area where the tyres had sat for the last month. Lots of worms for them to feast on and gave the poultry a thrilling 30 plus minutes of feasting and scratching.

Radar is looking like such a stunning rooster and he is a good natured bird as well. Crows now in the morning and so far isn't going over board with it. Only his tail feathers need to be filled out and then he's finished his transformation.

Set 7 duck eggs under Banjo yesterday and she's a happy girl now. When I was handing her the eggs, Banjo would gently take them from me and pop them under her body. Once there was no more eggs to take from me, Banjo then would try and bite my hand when I placed my hand close to her body.

We have an understanding Banjo and I....... I'll do what I like when checking her eggs and she can complain as much as she likes and I'll win each time.

Hotlips, Kinger, Radar, Bonnie and Oprah having breakfast with a couple of free loaders from the park.

If you haven't guessed I'm a M*A*S*H fan and Hotlips has white legs and Kinger has yellow legs. I was told that a true Sussex Bantam will have white legs. So as Klinger is a male wearing women's clothes in the TV show..... the name seemed to suit this little hen. Radar got his name from Pat telling his to "do his thing" with the hens. I said he's just a kid and that night on the TV show... Radar said.... "I'm just a kid sir" and Radar was called "Radar".

I have some other photos of the Sussex on my main web. Also some baby duck photos of Banjo's last clutch on my nursery page of my main web.

Until tomorrow...

Hoo roo

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