Sunday, May 06, 2007

True - No Yoke

Yesterday I made up a pile of salads for lunch and tea and one of them was deviled eggs. One of the red hens is starting to lay again and her egg was so small I thought I'd hard boil it and give the yoke to PK, my canary.

But once sliced open I found there was no yoke to be seen. Sometimes a hen coming back into lay will lay a small egg and at times they will be yoke less.

Also having this shocking virus that has laid me up some, I haven't been sitting round on my bum doing nothing. I have been knitting by cardigan and hoping to have it finished before the end of winter.

Not a lot of energy is needed to knit, mostly it's my arms that are moving. So as I finished the back this afternoon, thought I'd show it to you.

We had a good shower of rain again this morning and the hens are busy running round in the duck run.

Looks like Banjo may have gone broody again, so will keep some duck eggs out of the fridge and set her late this week if she stays broody.

Said to Pat I will spend a day out in the garden later this week, to keep on top of the weeds.

Hope you all had some rain and a good weekend.

Hoo roo

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1 comment:

m said...

close know I want a close up of those cables .......cant tease like that !!!
I'm just finishing a lightly cabled jumper for the 6 yr old .... been sick the last 2/3 weeks ,chest cold lurgy thing ..really havent the energy to knit, garden or cough any more ...