Sunday, June 10, 2007

Another Sunday In The Garden

Another rewarding morning was spent in the vegie garden with a lot of playing with compost, sheep manure and other soil feeders.

With the morning being over cast I was keeping 1 eye on the sky and the other eye on what I was doing. Must say one thing about winter is the sun isn't belting down on me and also I'm not working up a sweat. So this makes for a more enjoyable time in the vegie garden.

First off I started by collecting a wheel barrow full of compost from the tumbler. Took two wheel barrows to cover the area around the leeks in the no-dig area of the patch. Care was taken not to cover the leaves under the compost, as this may cause diseases and reduce the harvest. Very pleased with the leeks so far as they are growing at different rates and so shouldn't be a glut over a few weeks. Also I managed to get the crop in earlier than last years.

Having a no-dig garden is a great way of recycling garden waste, animal litter and so much better for the environment and less sent off the property and into landfill.

After the compost had been added I then gave the area a good dose of blood & bone and sheep manure. This will slowly break down over the winter months without the leeks getting too much too quickly.

If the rains don't fall by this evening, I'll clip a 2 ltr bottle of worm wee with some seasol on the end of a hose and water it all in. This will get the micros working and once again, it'll feed the soil.

Next area I sorted out was the asparagus by once again adding blood & bone, sheep manure and then a wheel barrow of compost. As I was concentrating on this area I was thinking, I hope I am doing this right. Then I thought of all those crisp, sweet spears I had eaten last season and thought, well I couldn't be doing it all that wrong.

Green manure area was given the same treatment as done in the other areas, though a wheel barrow of sheep manure was added here. Tomorrow I'll turn the sheep manure in as it's hard turning the heavy rotting green manure. Once again I'll add some seasol and worm wee to this area as well. Then the area will be rested and left to break down and planting in late winter will begin. I'll keep turning the soil about once a fortnight to keep the area breaking down and weed free.

More than 1 right way to gardening.

When I am adding organic products to my vegie garden I often wonder if the way I am doing it is the correct way. I have come to the conclusion there is more than 1 right way to gardening and to look at the garden and see how the plants are responding to my gardening practices and this will tell me if I am doing things right.

Below are a some photos from different angles to show you how the plants are responding to my form of gardening practices.

I am starting to think what I want to grow over the summer season. Including where I will be growing the varieties around the garden.

Walking out the back door and seeing fresh organic food growing for us is so rewarding and brings much joy and pride to me. Nothing beats a freshly picked vegetable, fruit or leafy greens.

I often wonder what the ducks and chooks think of all this yummy green produce when they are looking through their gate.

When a garden fork is used to turn soil, the soil is full of garden worms. Soil is a dark colour and not as much sticky clay as what it has been in past years.

To finish off the time out in our garden, we had a BBQ for lunch. By this time there was a light spit of rain falling.

So another rewarding day in my little vegie patch, can't get better than that can it??

Until next time....hoo roo

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