Sunday, June 17, 2007

Are These Houses For You?

This afternoon for something different Pat & I went and looked at some display homes in a new suburb called "Mawson Lakes". These photos were taken on my phone and I seemed to spend more time getting stressed over trying to transfer the photos from my phone to the computer, thank goodness Amy took over and fixed things for me.

So thank you Amy:)

The reason we go every so often to look at these lovely display homes is just that. They are lovely to walk through. Though I am not fond of the size of the housing blocks in these new suburbs. I do think the kitchens are lovely and as I am a real kitchen person who loves cupboards, it makes up for the tiny yards.

Bit wonky the photos, trust me the houses are level just the phone wasn't. To me phones are for ringing people and cameras are for taking photos. Next time I'll take my camera. These photos are taken on my 3.2 mega pixel Sony Ericsson.

So lets take a look at some of the areas that either impressed me or left me thinking something was missing.

Loved this kitchen as it's got lots of cupboard space and the wood finish is lovely. Bit on the dark side and so if this was my kitchen I'd add a skylight. Floors had those lovely shiny tiles. Great for the cats to skid round on and a sweep mop would be the easiest way to clean them.

This was 1 backyard of a house. Where do I put my compost bins, ducks, chooks, vegie garden and fruit trees.?

I tend to find the houses are so big, setup on small blocks and with my garden and animals, this wouldn't suit us. But for a young busy couple starting out, it would suit them just fine.

I liked this kitchen heaps as once again it has lots of cupboards and it's bright with no need for lights on through the day. Check out the green fence and the house next door. Wouldn't have far to reach when needing to borrow a cup of sugar.

One of the frontal views from some of the display homes.

Yep the ducks, chooks, compost bins and espalier fruit trees will do just dandy between these 2 houses. NOT!

Too close for us to the neighbours, mind you if we're watching the same channels on TV, we can turn our volume down, shame that doesn't save power and reduce the power bill.....chuckle.

Some houses were really nice and others lacked warmth with the style of them. Couple of houses we could see us living in, if we owned a few hectors of land for animals and growing food.

Until next time....hoo roo

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