Saturday, June 16, 2007

Cold Mornings, Food & Chook Antics.

Another cold frosty morning greeted us here on Lucky's Duck Farm. At 5.30 am this morning

  • temp was -0.9
  • dew point -2.1
  • humidity 92
Pat & I were out at about 7 am snapping photos of the frost again as it was heavier this morning.

Cast iron bird bath was frozen this morning for the first time since it was given to me. Backyard birdbath was still frozen at 10 am, I removed the ice so the wild birds could have a morning drink.

Leeks looking like they have just come from the freezer.

Turnips for a vegie soup with a forecast Arctic blast later this coming week. Started to thin the carrots and these ones are big enough for me to have tonight with my dinner.

How do you clean your root crops? Do you rinse them under a running tap outside? Under a running tap in the kitchen with the water going down the drain?

I use a bowl and after the vegies are washed clean the water and soil is returned to the vegie garden. Another way or helping the environment and with water restrictions, the water isn't wasted and send off the property.

I'm waiting on Bonnie to finish laying her egg. I have finished the hen house off and they now have clean deep litter, in their run as well as in their upstairs area.

Next step was the duck shed and I though Bonnie was finished and had started to clean the shed out. But no, she was in and out like a yo-yo and I gave her some privacy to do her girlie egg business.

Warmest place in the backyard was the compost bin as it was nice and warm when I removed the lid to add the chicken litter.

Getting ready to clean the oven out and then I'll have another go at tackling the duck shed and hopefully this will not be delayed any longer.

So today I seem to be all over the place and hoping by the end of the day all on my list will be finished.

Until next time ....hoo roo

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patsy said...

i was trying to see where you lived by looking at your blogs. i think australia, right? i keep bantams but my son wanted the silkies, he had bought 3 at a sale and of course they were roosters so i ordered him these and if he raises them he will have his hens. i looked at your other blog and am going back to more. i had 4 ducks but had to give them to my brother, they had to be kept in a pen because of dogs and i have close neighbors and the smell would have been bad in hot weather.

Lucky-1 said...

Hi Patsy:) yes I am in Australia, Adelaide in South Australia to be exact.

Glad your son will have his silky hens:)