Saturday, June 02, 2007

Harvests Of Tomorrows

With no heavy rain falling today, except for a light shower and 10 mm over night, I was able to get into the garden and do a few of those pesky jobs on my list. I didn't think we had that much rain and so I had Pat check the weather site. Sure enough 10 mm fell overnight, must have slept well last night.

Noticed today the mini cauliflowers are starting to develop the flowering heads. These don't grow that big in size and as it's mostly Pat & I that eat cauliflowers, these will be a lovely size for us.

Broccoli is also forming flower heads and we'll be eating these before we know it. Pat won't eat bough broccoli and so growing our own is a bonus for him health wise. Nothing tastes better than home grown organic vegies.

Beetroot is also swelling and we'll be eating these not too far down the track. I don't let them get too big and I boil them and eat as a hot vegie. Pat had hot beetroot on his dinner plate at a wedding reception years ago and was taken with eating it this way.

With all these plants there will be heaps of greens for the poultry and rabbits to eat.

Bundy & Milly walking the "Freedom Road"

Main job for today was removing the top layer of very wet soil from the area in the chook run and the area from the compost fence back to the duck shed, known as "Freedom Road". This area is pretty well water soaked and traffic from feet had made it a bit on the sloppy side.

So to fix this problem I collected it all up with a shovel and wheel barrow and placed on the green manure. This was hard play time, so tomorrow I'll turn the green manure area over and mix the soil into that area. Some sheep manure and compost in a couple of weeks will be added to the area and turned over again. By the time it comes to planting in this area, it should be teaming with worms. Then it'll sit and break down into a rich organic food area for spring planting.

This is a great way to recycle green waste and animal waste by composting or turning it into the garden and using it to feed the soil. In turn the soil will then feed the plants.

We had removed the bird netting from over the leafy greens area and thought we'd see how it would go with out it. After a few days we decided to place it back over the area again, as a lot of the plants seemed to have been pecked at.

Tomorrow I'll remove the netting from the second sowing of brassica plants. Going to check my climbing peas out and see if they are going to be doing anything productive for the season.

So until then.......hoo roo

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Libbys Blog said...

I too compost my chicken run contents and it seems to be helping. We will see!!