Friday, June 15, 2007

Jack Frost

This morning we were greeted with a chilly temp at 7.30 of -0.7 with a dew point of -2.0 and humidity of 91%.

So I was outside taking photos of anything that was frozen, before I froze as well. Couple of photos for you to see how heavy the frost was.

Second sowing of brassica was well and truly frost bitten. I didn't touch any of the plants, as I didn't want to damage them.

Root crop also copped a good freeze and from what I know, the root crop should be sweeter in taste after a good frost.

The last 3 days I have been in the cleaning mode, talk about being in shock. The house is so clean I had to take this crazy mode out into the backyard and attack the animal areas.

One area I had been trying to get to for about a week now was the rabbit area. Their hutches were against the wall on the right in the photo and the BBQ was where the hutches are now. Storage area was where the BBQ & Cocky will now go in front of the rumpus room window.

There is an awning to the left where the hutches are now and this can be pulled down when windy or raining to give the rabbits extra protection.

Thinking of leaving the plastic garden setting underneath as on a beautiful day like today with a winter temp of12.8 at the moment, it is lovely to kick back and watch the afternoon dawdle by.

After the veranda was finished I then threw a pile of straw round in the chook house for a deep litter.

On Monday I lost John Lennon (one of my white hens that are called the FABLESS 4) Pat wasn't happy I called them the FAB 4 when they were little fluffy chickens. So I changed it too the FABLESS 4.

Anyway that was the second hen to full off the perch in a week and I have checked and they are suffering from Coccidiosis. They have dirty pants and were only wormed not long ago.

So a course of Sulpha-Quin will hopefully put all thing right with them. As this is an antibiotic there is a holding period of 14 days for meat and eggs after the treatment is finished. So the eggs are being dropped into the compost bin, hurts every time I collect the eggs.

11 years ago the government decided that a holding period was needed as humans were being over dosed with antibiotics.

With all the rain and cold overcast days we have had, this is ideal conditions for Coccidiosis. I know the hens do so enjoy a day in the duck run as the sun at this time of the year doesn't really shine in the chook run.

Until next time....hoo roo

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