Friday, June 01, 2007

May 07 Stats

May has been a fairly wet month and also a growing month with the garden.

Also I had to come to terms with loosing little Nibbles my little lop male rabbits who I tended to refer to as my "Bunny Puppy".

Vegies are growing and responding well to the rain and I noticed today there are heads forming in the mini cauliflowers. Nothing yet in the broccoli and cabbages still have a way to go.

Lets look at the poultry stats first.

  • Chook laid 75 eggs down from April's quota of 87
  • Bantam laid 32 eggs down from36 for April.
  • Ducks laid 28 eggs up from 9 for April.
Looking back on last years egg stats for May 2006 they were down by 6 eggs. Pat said they are getting older and might need to replace them with some young ones....... yeah right! He's got no chance of bumping off some of the girls and replacing them with some young bums of fluff. I think 75 eggs from 1o hens is pretty good as they have been molting and its cold and wet.

Rain stats.

All up we had 53.5 mm of rain for the month of May.

  • Highest rain fell on the 29th of May........10 mm fell.
  • Lowest day that rain fell was on the 20th of May...... 3mm.
All up we had 9 days where rain was recorded.

This morning I measured 7.75 mm of rain for the start of this new month.

Other gardening and poultry news for May are........

Banjo was set with 7 duck eggs but due to the other ducks climbing into her nest box all eggs were broken. Feel terrible for Banjo but then she shouldn't really be broody in the colder months of the year.

Found the bird netting has helped to control spoggies and other birds wreaking the leafy green area of the vegie patch.

Compost making has slowed down some, though what is composting is looking wonderful and will be used in the green manure area.

James gave me a mushroom farm for Mother's Day and already after 15 days mushrooms are forming in the box.

So even though its wet and we've had a few cold windy winter fronts move through the state, things are still ticking over on Lucky's Duck Farm.

Not only is my garden looking lush and green, but all around Adelaide it's lovely and green and water in the local wetlands and creeks is a welcoming sight.

Until next time...

Hoo roo.

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