Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday Part 1

Sunday part 1, sounds like I have a fair bit of gardening news for you all and if you thought this..... your dead right:)

Today has been one of the most wonderful days I have had out in my little vegie patch in weeks. Sun was shining and the list of jobs were getting knocked off with such enthusiasm as Pat was out there with me.

Together we weeded the second brassicas area and placed the bird netting over the pea area.

The main job for today was the green manure area and after this was turned over we tackled a few other jobs and then Pat left me to it.

So over the next few days I show you what we did in a series of photos and how and what was done.

My biggest news of the day has to be the zygos that are going to flower. Not 1 plant but 2 and the most exciting part of this news is these plants come from Pat's dad's garden I have had them for years now. I had 1 flower last year and had me so excited and I was just busting with joy when it flowered.

This time there are 2 plants going to flower and more than 1 flower per pot.

This one flowered last year

Not sure on the colour of this 1, maybe apricot? What ever the colour I am just thrilled to bits about finding the buds on the plants.

The new espalier area is going really well with the green manure crop. So well I think it's shame that I'll have to dig the sunflower plants in. So I am going to pop a few seeds round the garden and see if I can't get them to grow and flower. Something about a sunny sunflower plant shining it's face in the garden with a big flower head.

Still planning on planting a couple of fruit trees in this area more than likely early next month. In the next day or so I'll turn these plants into the soil and add some more compost and let it sit for this month. Nibbles is buried just to the right of the photo. I think he'll like laying under the fruit trees.

While out playing in the garden I said to Pat about a sausage sizzle for lunch as it was such a lovely day. He was all for it and as James needed a bit of help putting a stereo system in his car, I was left to cook lunch.

As lunch was just finishing the weather turned cooler and the sun disappeared behind these rain clouds.

As I am typing this it's pouring with rain and it's dark inside the house. I have needed to put a light on over my computer desk to see what I am doing.

So from this beautiful sunny day to this now FAB TAB of a rain spell I have had a wonderful and rewarding day outside in my garden.

Backyard is all tidy and now it can rain for the rest of the day. How wonderful is that?

This fuchsia is growing quite happily under the shade cloth near the rainwater tank.I neglect it and it's survived 8 years of me owning it. Give me a fuchsia in a pot and I kill it. This and the zygos are my most favourite plants for growing in pots.

Well think I'll leave it there and tomorrow I post some more photos and tell you what else we did out in our little vegie patch.

So until then...... hoo roo

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