Monday, June 04, 2007

Sunday Part 2

Following on from yesterday's posting I have picked the brassica area and climbing peas to show you today along with a couple of other photos.

Just a few bits of info before we look at the photos.

  • 3 mm of rain fell since I posted yesterday. Most of that fell in that one heavy down pour.
  • Cucumber plant and trellis was finally pulled up.
  • I had an Isa Brown hen die. These are bred for egg laying and seem to have a short life span compared to some pure breeds.
  • I have finally found some time to start weeding the "Friendship Garden" as its full of sour sobs. So I have made a start and when it's looking tidier I'll pop a photo here.

Now lets look at what Pat & I did yesterday.

Considering its winter now the comfry hasn't let up with the growing. Said to Pat I really should harvest it again and compost the leaves as it's a great asset to the compost bin. I made a comfry tea last time I cut the plant back and have only just started to use the comfry tea in the garden.

Second sowing of brassica for I guess late winter to early spring eating. First time I have ever managed to sow a second crop in 8 years of gardening. Both crops were sown in line with moon phases and it's worked perfectly.

These were planted on the 22 April and I can't believe how much they have grown. When the area was weeded Pat & I found heaps of tomato seedlings. As I wasn't sure of the variety and not having a mini hot house now to keep them in, over the fence to the poultry the seedlings and weeds went.

Bird netting wasn't placed back over the plants after the tiding up was completed. I had a new job for the bird netting. Left the poly pipe there as its out of the road and I know where it is next time I need it.

Update on the mushroom farm. Yummo......

Another area that was looked at yesterday was the climbing peas. These were also planted on the 22 of April and they don't seem to be doing all that good. Once again sown in line with the moon phases ...... oops, those were eaten by the poxy birds from the park. These are just sown when I picked up another packet of seeds. Maybe that is why I don't think they are looking all that flash.

Two trellises of not so flash peas and freshly hoed of weeds. With the spare bird netting I decided to use it here and thus removing the odd bits of wire I was using to protect the seedlings from birds.

I have noticed there are some seedlings do have fresh leaves on them. So maybe there is some hope for this crop after all.

I'd like to know if what you think of my peas ......... just drop me a line in the comment box if you like.

Peas are now just over 1 month old (don't forget this is the second sowing after the 22 April). Are they about the size they should be or should they be taller??

Bird netting now enclosing the peas, reminds me of a display case.

The size for your interest of the bird netting is 3 mtrs long and what ever width it is across. When bought it's on a roll and folded over for easy storing and cutting. The length of the bird netting has gone from the left side to the right side and the width from front to back. I used some stakes to weave and close the front to keep the birds out. Also down the back against the fence we used some stakes to secure the area.

So that is about it for those areas we tackled yesterday.

Tomorrow I pop up the photos for the green manure area.

Until then.....hoo roo

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