Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sunday Part 3

The main area I wanted to sort out on Sunday was the green manure area. Already I had added a few wheel barrows of chicken and duck run muck after all the rain. This worked two fold, firstly it cleaned up the poultry areas and was composted into the vegies garden to improve the soil for spring crops.

I use green manure crops in the winter months as the area I choose was down behind the apricot tree. I didn't want to have it over run with weeds or left to the winter weather, so the easiest thing for me and best thing for the soil was a green manure crop.

I really like to recycle anything and everything from the house to the garden. By doing this I am not only improving the soil but less waste is sent to landfill. Growing our own food organically there is less poisons released into the atmosphere and this in turn is better for the environment.
In researching the seeds I could use for green manure crops, some seeds can be used for growing a summer green manure.

This was to the joy of the ducks who were watching through the wire fence and when able to, scored a grub or worm from the area. Rhett and Paddles heads are too big to fit through the wire but they had a good try at seeing what they could reach with their bills.

All turned over and this will be left to rot down and weather permitting this weekend I'll add a bag of sheep manure that I have been holding for this area. I won't add any blood & bone as it needs warmth to trigger it into working. This I'll add to the area once the warmer months are here.

You can see in the above photo how the area next to the fence is bare of any green manure and weeds. This is because the smaller ducks are able to fit their heads through and pull up any greens that grow there.

Twinner making sure she gets her share of the green manure. It was funny to see and watch the ducks on the other side of the fence. One winter we didn't grow the green manure here and we let the ducks and chooks have the area over the winter months by moving the fence for them.

So now you know how we spent out lovely winter Sunday in the garden.

Until next time.... hoo roo

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Scarecrow said...

You have been busy Lucky!
I wouldn't mind some sunshine to get's been cloudy most of this week and we haven't even had much rain. :(

PS Your email this morning made me chuckle. Thanks

Lucky-1 said...

I was reading your blog today and saw all your lovely chooks. I am hoping for nice weather tomorrow for a BBQ and few hours out in the garden.

Glad the email gave you a chuckle.:)