Friday, July 20, 2007

Bird Problems

A few posts back I had said how I was going to see how the peas fared without the bird netting over the 2 trellises. Going from the photos, you can see the birds have noticed those lovely sweet leaves are in beak reach.

So the bird netting is going back over to protect the peas. As I caught the problem in time, there wasn't a lot of damage done.

So all the damage will do is help to thicken up the plants before they start to flower.

Each day Pat & I go for a walk and while out we paid a visit to the local green grocer for some salad onions and fruit for us to eat.

On the reduced table was a bag of apples going out for $1.00. This makes for a few cheap apples for the rabbits over the next week.



Keeping an eye out for reduced fruit is good for the rabbits, but please remember that animals like us need quality fruit and vegetables. Feeding your animals rotting food is not a good idea, I mean would you eat it??

Fox Update

Pat was still up last night around 10.30, when he heard a racket coming from the duck shed. Grabbing the torch he managed to catch a look at the fox as it went over the back fence. Thankfully all poultry was safely locked away.

Talking to my sister Deb today, she is sending back with her daughter in a weeks time a cat trap for us to use.

Now I need to make this clear, the fox will be given to the local council or RSPCA to do what they wish with the fox. This fox isn't going to be harmed by anyone in my family, as it's only doing what nature has made it do for centuries.

Speaking to a local council worker if we were to kill the fox in a inhumane manner, we can be charged with cruelty to an animal and be prosecuted. Like in the human courts the animal court is there to protect the innocent and victims...... though at time the victims seem to suffer and come off the worst from a trip to court..... but that is for another forum and another day.

So I'll do the correct thing, get in touch with the council and break the news to my ducks, that they won't be having 30 mins in the shed with stun guns in their wings.

But then, I have to catch the fox first.

Until next time....hoo roo

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