Sunday, July 08, 2007

Brassica For The Picking

Been picking more broccoli and cauliflowers today and even passed a broccoli head over the fence to the young neighbours next door to us. All this rain we have been having is really sending the bassicas plants into a growing frenzy.

One of the broccoli heads from the first sowing. I have my hand there so you can gauge the size of the broccoli. Broccoli would have to be one of my favourite vegies.

Cabbages are also forming heads, though these will still be a way off before I can pick them. Few eaten marks, but what the heck the grubs are leaving the caulies and broccoli alone. Also plenty to go round for all of us.

Another mini cauliflower from the first sowing. I have been bending the leaves to keep them clean and white until I pick them to eat. Mini caulies will feed us with other vegies for 2 meals.

I am picking the brassica fromthis area , still lots to go before finished.

This part of the garden was filled with homemade compost, sheep manure and bunny bedding and when I was ready, in went the seedlings. The soil is feeding the plants as well as the rains watering them. Besides the weeding (stinging nettles & a few other weeds) the area has pretty well looked after itself. Though every couple of weeks I give the area a feed of worm wee and sheep manure tea.

One of the broccoli plants from the second area I sowed a month later. This sowing was in the no-dig garden, along with full size caulies and cabbages. Once again plenty of the good stuff was added before the seedlings were transplanted into the plot.

Lots of things need to be taken into account for a good harvest, soil full of goodness and regular watering. Good timing when transplanting out the seedlings and the variety of plant as well.

We'll be eating our own brassica for a while now, less from the shops with our crops being organic, crisp & fresh and full of flavour.

Can't get any better than that.

Until next time hoo roo

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orchid40 said...

Fantastic Brassicas, Lucky,
Well done !!

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks o40:) Very proud of them.:)

Lucy C said...

Wow. They are impressive.
My birds love the broccoli stalks.
Do your bunnies get the leaves?

Lucky-1 said...

Yes, once we have finished harvesting, the plant is shared between the bunnies and the ducks & chooks. The root of the plant goes into the compost bin.

If there are any green grubs picked off they go to the chooks:)

Nothing is wasted.

Libbys Blog said...

Definately doing better than in my garden!!!!