Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday 13th

Well Friday the 13th started for me just after midnight when James woke me to ask where some important paper work of his was. So after being a sleep for a couple of hours I was laying here thinking....... I am really meant to be asleep.

I heard a noise from the backyard and went to investigate with a torch and saw a fox making off with Hot Lips my light Sussex bantam. The glare of the torch frightened the fox and it dropped Hot Lips as it sprung over the fence.

After some coaxing I managed to get Hot lips and Radar back into the duck shed. Doing a head count I am happy to report all heads and bodies are connected and accounted for. Milly looks to be the one who has taken the brunt of the attack.

But due to them being distressed I have decided to let them settle and I'll check on her tomorrow.

During the hot months I don't lock the ducks/bantams in the shed as it can be very hot here at night. So I had gotten out of the habit of locking them in at night. Now I must make sure each night they are tucked away in the shed in the evening.

Lots of people are amazed when they see a fox in the suburbs or hear through people talking about seeing one. Last time I had a fox problem was 4 years ago. That time I lost my best breeding bantam and 4 ducks.

So if James hadn't woken me.........

I dread to think what I would have found in the morning.

It's now 1.26 am and I have still 22.5 hours of Friday 13th to go. Gee I hope it's a quiet day when I wake up.

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Lucy C said...

Glad your girls are ok.
I forgot to lock mine up one rainy night and so did my neighbour.
She awoke to find four dead chooks and a nearly dead rooster. 'Chick Magnet' died the next day.
The memory of that close call for my birds gets me out to my shed to lock up, rain, hail or shine.
I hope little Milly is ok.

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Lucy C.

I am so pleased James question couldn't wait until morning. Mind you I hope it doesn't become a habit of his;)

They seem okay today. More quiet than normal though.

Susan Borgas said...

That was a lucky break that you heard the noise!

I wonder if the cold weather has the numbers down with mice and any other small animals that the fox normally would eat encouraging them to attack domestic animals?

They do have a nasty streak to them though when they kill more than they can eat.

Lucky-1 said...

Yes Susan a very lucky break.

You have a good point about the cold weather and there could be some merit in what you said.