Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Friendship Garden #2

Measured 7 mm of rain that had fallen over night, so between that and the wind blowing outside, today is being spent inside.

While feeding the gang this morning, I had left the people fence gate open and true to form Twinner led the charge of going through the gate with Bundy and Roz following onto the lawn. This made for a lot of excited quacking, which in turn brought Pat outside....telling them "home" in which they promptly turned round and went home.

I should have told Pat I wanted them on the lawn, so I could take photos of them for today's posting. Never mind there is alway tomorrow or the day after.

My little ducks are very clever as they know what they can get away with Pat or myself. They know what the word "home" means too.

So they have spent the morning paddling in the little pools of water in their duck run.

My friendship garden has some flowers and the roses aren't loosing their leaves at all. Due to the ban on using hoses in the garden the area is only being watered by the rain and it's looking after itself.

I really need to spend a couple of hours out there and pick more of the sour sob that is happily growing in this area. If you were to look at the front yard and compare it to the backyard, you can easily tell where my main passion for gardening is.

So here are some flowers with weeds as a backdrop in the photos of my Friendship Garden.

I grew up calling this "Eggs & Bacon" but the correct name is Linaria and these will hopefully self seed each year.

Linaria are a pretty little bushy plant that flowers lots of clusters over the winter and spring months. Love to bring some inside in a vase, but Milly will just think they were put on the kitchen table for her. Last thing I need are my flowers dragged through the house.

The other plant near the Linaria is a ranunculus that will be flowering later in the season.

Well what can I saw about this little bulb??

How about the following...

Very disappointed in how these new bulbs have grown. Not a lot of stem to the flower and the leaves are short. These bulbs were ordered at the Adelaide Show last year and sent to me in February. I am at a loss why these haven't performed as well as the bulbs I bought in 2005 and planted out last year.

For followers of my blog last year I posted photos as they bulbs flowered.

Here are some links to have a look at last years bulbs. Some of them flowered in September.


More flowers from late August daffodils

Anyway I bought a lot of bulbs and it'll be interesting to see how the rest grow and flower.

Mr. Lincoln doesn't seem to know that it's meant to be loosing it's leaves as its winter time. The bud that formed and tried to flower was frozen a few time with the frosts. Opened all wrinkly and collapsed the second day and all the petals fell off.

Bird bath hasn't been filled for weeks now, so either the birds aren't using the bird bath or there is enough rain falling to keep the water up to it.

Anemones are starting to flower. These bulbs cost me nothing except my time to fill out the form in my Gardening Australia magazine early last year. One stamp and a lovely walk to the mail box to post it.

We have more rain forecast this afternoon along with winds. Still enjoying my winter and on that note.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Scarecrow said...

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Lucky-1 said...

Thank you Scarecrow. It has been the high light of my day:D