Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gardening Repairs

Yesterday's posting I showed you the damage to the peas from the birds. Today I have posted a photo of the bird netting over the peas again. Reason I have done this is because Pat came up with the idea of pulling the netting further out and away from the trellises.

This is a great idea as the peas now can't use the netting to climb up, as I found this to be the case when I pulled the netting away to weed the area.

Until the peas are finished and removed from the garden the bird netting will need to stay in place.

Still harvesting mini caulies and oodles of broccoli. Going from the look of it, the broccoli in the second sowing will be ready to eat in the next few weeks.

The mini cauliflowers are weighing around the 500 gm mark, this one was 470 gms.
Broccoli weighed in at 262 gms and 260 gms and once again no green grubs to be seen.

Later today I am going to feed the cabbages with a feed of week manure tea, while the caulies and broccoli will be given worm wee.

Cabbages are starting to swell up nicely and a power boost will not go a stray. These are still a way off from being harvested. Caulies in the shops are ranging from $3 to $7, depending on size and also where you buy them. Broccoli us up round $7 a kilo.

Spent some time out in the friendship garden weeding as it sorely needs it. The above photo shows how bad the area had become. But I didn't want to weed the whole are in 1 day as the weeds are fed to the ducks & chooks.

So I'll attack the area again tomorrow if I have time, so the poultry get a fresh feed of greens.

The area now looks heaps better, found more bulbs from previous years plantings have started to push through the soil.

Gave some of the roses a prune as well. Rose pruning went into the council green waste bin. Never compost rose cuttings, as the thorns will bite you when spreading round the compost and also roses could spread diseases in your garden.

Until next time....hoo roo.

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