Thursday, July 05, 2007

Harvesting Vegies

Some days out in the garden I can play so hard I am wondering if I'll have any energy left to cook the evening meal. Other days I have more time on my hands out in the garden so I play at a slower pace.

Back in March I was playing so hard and hoping so much for the shift to moon phase planting would work.

This picture proves that hard play does pay and it was worth all the hours I put in with research, preparation and most of all patience.

So while out the back this afternoon, I asked Pat what would he like on his dinner plate vegetable wise. The above was chosen though he'll have his carrot raw.

I can't grow all our food in the backyard, a dream of mine though. So while at the green grocer when I bought onions, it felt great walking past the above vegetables.

Knowing that in our backyard is growing a variety of organic foods, lets me know I have achieved something that means so much to me.

It doesn't have to be an over load of food growing that can help benefit your health. Even a few pots of of vegies growing and a few herbs and be rewarding in so many ways.

Until next time.... hoo roo.

1 comment:

Lucy C said...

Nice carrots.
The kids and I grew bunny ball carrots last year.
They thought they were hilarious but they weren't very succesful.
I will see if I can post a photo on my blog for you.
My vegie garden effort is pretty poor really.