Thursday, July 19, 2007

Helping A Fellow Gardener

This afternoon a young family came and visited us from Berri as they were staying for a few days in the city suburbs area.

The main object of the visit was to have a look at our setup in the backyard and see if any of my ideas from here could be taken away and used in their garden.

A few ideas were passed round and a tour of the vegie patch was well received. Also the ducks were fed with some bread rolls by their 19 month old daughter. Talking to their other daughter I found out they have guinea pigs and rabbits. A great manure source for making compost and feeding the soil.

One of the main interests was the worm farms on how they operate. After a cuppa and some cake they kindly brought with them, we chatted for a couple of hours, they left with a bag of compost instruction booklet and 2 margarine tubs full of worms mixed with castings to start their own worm farm.

I have said this before, I enjoy starting people off with worms for their first worm farm or if they run into trouble and need to restock a farm that failed.

If every garden had a worm farm in their yard, think of the waste that wouldn't be going to land fill. This would be such a benefit to the environment and our health as gardens bring a lot of joy, be it vegetables or flowers.

Even if you don't using the castings/worm wee yourself, gave it to a neighbour who perhaps can't care for a worm farm themselves, but would like the benefits of one for their garden.

This is what I call neighbourhood gardening, it keeps you in touch with who lives in your street and maybe give someone who doesn't get visitors a reason to answer the front door.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Libbys Blog said...

Have you got a purpose built worm farm?

Lucky-1 said...

Yes they are Libby,

That link will take you to my worm page on my main website.

I bought them back when both Pat & I were working, 8 years ago.