Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 07 Stats

July was an interesting month here at Lucky's Duck Farm. From weather to a fox raid to new water restrictions.

Lets start with the poultry stats.

After treating the poultry for coccidiosis towards the end of June and having a withholding period of 14 days, it was great to be able to collect and use the eggs. I have a few free loaders out the back egg wise....eek but on the manure side, they all still holding that side of the job up.


  • Chooks laid 40 eggs...up from 28 eggs in June smile

  • Bantams laid 12 eggs.... down from 27 in June neutral

  • Ducks laid 29 eggs down from 31 eggs in June rolleyes

So in all they kept us in eggs and I even managed to sell some putting the money towards their food bill.


  • 40.5 mm of rain for the month.

  • Highest fall was 11 mm on the 5th of July.

  • Lowest fall was 2 mm on the 28th of the month.
24 th of July was the warmest temp in 5 years with a temp of 21.5 degrees. But on the 25th we had our warmest night in 14 years with a temp of 13.7.

There was a fox raid on the ducks one night and I lost Milly my mallard duck. So the ducks & bantams are now locked away each night and before summer the shed door will be modified, so they can be locked away even on the hot nights.

I am hoping to pick up a cat trap tomorrow afternoon from my niece's place. Was meant to be tonight, but her shift was changed where she works.

Garden is feeding us heaps and I am almost over run with broccoli and caulies. mrgreen

New water restrictions came in on the 1st of the month. Not allowed to use a hose in the garden or water lawns at all. Government said to let Mother Nature water the garden instead. It has now been announced that this will continue into August.

So when needed the vegetables are watered with the watering can and rainwater. Not that this has had to be done much as the rain has been spread out over the whole month.

Looked into what fruit trees we are hoping to plant in August, (Stay tuned for the updates on this). We started thinking about this project last year and marked out the area earlier this year and preparing the area.

I have been asked if I am interested in helping a young class at a school a couple of suburbs away, start up their worm farms. I have said yes and am now waiting to be contacted to arrange a day and time to go in and help out. I have even offered to give them some worms to start them off, if they want them.

Also a young family from Berri called in and had a look at the setup in our backyard, as they wish to grow their own vegies. They left with a couple of margarine tubs with worms and a bag of compost to get them started.

Phew..surprised July has been a busy month. mrgreen

Until next time ....hoo roo

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