Monday, July 02, 2007

June Stats 07

The first mini cauliflower picked for the winter season., also from the first sowing of brassica using moon phase planting.

Weighing 324 gms and will be eaten by Pat & I sometime this week.

Been slow posting of late, due to Pat being very sick with his asthma which included an overnight stay in hospital. Pat is improving slowly and I am taking good care of him.

On top of that I have a horrible head cold and this has me up at night for up to 3 hours.

So enough of feeling sorry for myslef and lets look at last months stats.

Firstly the rain was wonderful over June.

Total rainfall was 44.25 mm

Highest rainfall was 10 mm

Lowest rainfall was 2 mm

All up we had rain over 9 days.

Egg count was all over the place, due to treating the chooks with some Sulpha-Quin due to an outbreak of Coccidiosis. There was a holding time of 14 days for the eggs, due to the poultry being on antibiotics. So the eggs were disposed of in the compost bin.

Lost 2 hens as well through the Coccidiosis, John & George. So Now I have only the FABLESS 2 being Paul & Ringo.

With all the wet and overcast days it made for ideal conditions and after the treatment, the chooks look so much better.

Chooks laid 28 eggs.......down from 75 in May

Ducks laid 31 eggs ..... up from 28 in May

Bantams laid 27 eggs..... down from 31 eggs in May.

We also had some wonderful frosts and chilly mornings in June, resulting in frozen plants and crazy people with cameras on the loose at 7.30 in the morning. Coldest morning was on 16th of June.

Temp was -1.2

Dew Point -2.1

Humidity 92%

Turned in the green manure, adding some compost and sheep manure.

So there are some stats for June.

Until next time ....hoo roo

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Lucy C said...

Hi Lucky1.
I found your blog via BYP.
We already 'chatted' when you introduced yourself.
I am having a sleepless night with a sick child so I will have a read of your blog.
My animals have a blog too.
Check it out in my profile or click on my signature on any of my posts on BYP.
Looking forward to chatting some more.

Lucky-1 said...

Hello Lucy C

Thanks for popping in and dropping me a note. Also for you kind welcome over on BYP:)