Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lets Talk Worms

I know I rave on about my worm farms, but I do believe they are one of a major working wheel of my garden. The amount of food they eat & recycle through is amazing and yes you guessed it....less for landfill.

When I first started the bucket system the kids were of course 8 years younger and they found it hard in the start, to know where to put what from their school lunch boxes and dinner plates. But as weeks turned to months and then years, it's automatic when it comes to cleaning out work lunch boxes and dinner plates.

I use a 500 gm tub we buy our honey in my my sister Susan and hubby. Great for being the right size when it comes to feeding the worm farms. By using this tub and having the 3 farms, the days between each feed is perfect for not over feeding them from the kitchen.

Farms are thriving in this area over the winter months. Out from the area they had been in for the last 8 years, there is no flooding from heavy rains. So the worm wee in the buckets, hasn't been flushed with rain. This can lead to an unhealthy farm that can turn acidic as all the goodness has been flushed out.

I use the claw handled fork for "fluffing" their food trays as this helps to keep the tray sweet. Also a handful of dolomite lime is good sprinkled over the food ever couple of weeks.

The legs stand in tubs with water and a bit of bleach. Reason I use the bleach is this summer, the pesky ants learnt to swim and still managed to get into the farm on the right. This lead to a couple of hours removing the worms and starting a fresh farm with the worms I saved. Also the bleach will stop mozzies breeding in the water.

This is the worm farm I saved from those ants last summer. The food tray as you can see isn't overly full of food and castings. The bedding tray had enough room for me to empty to feed tray into it after the worms had transformed the food into castings.

So now the worms are back to making more castings for this tray.

Just something about worms, either they make you squirm cos' you love them or because they make you feel sick lol I know my worms love the coffee grounds and bags from Pat's coffee machine. I really do wonder if the coffee hypes them up at all?

Today's feeding of kitchen scraps was placed in the middle worm farm. As you can see there isn't a lot but it's enough to start breaking down while they eat through the food already there. I like to give the farms a variety of foods as I am sure the worms like to have different foods to eat. Also what I put into the farm will also make for better worm castings and in return a better food harvest in the garden.

Inside the light coloured worm farm. The newspaper on the right, is what I use to cover the castings/food to keep it dark and comfortable for the worms.

So there you have it.... my FAB TAB wormy mates that work so hard behind the scenes of my beautiful organic vegie patch. mrgreen

If you haven't tried a worm farm... get a foam broccoli box and some worms and start feeding's as simple as that wink

Until next time....hoo roo

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Happy Potter said...

You can be rightfully proud of yourself Lucky :D

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Happy Potter:)

Lucy C said...

All my scraps go to the chooks (they really do rule the roost).
What do you feed the worms that can't be fed to the chooks?
Will they eat citrus peel, onion peel etc?

Lucky-1 said...

My chooks are first in line for the scraps Lucy.

I feed my worms off scraps from the kitchen, lawn clippings (not a lot though).

I have info on my main website.

If worms eat citrus or onion peel, it's a last resort. Best to compost this instead.

Allotment Lady said...

Many years ago before they were 'fashionable' I had a go - without much success - probably because I was so busy - but I am tempted to try again having read this.

Susan said...

Your farms are going great! The link to what to put in is really useful too thanks for that! I just built my first worm farm this week, the kids, particularly my middle one, is super excited about and likes to check them often to see if they are eating.

Lucky-1 said...

Allotment Lady if you have the time, try farming worms again. Your garden will love you for it. Plenty of ways you can make a homemade farm for just about nothing $$$ wise.

Thanks Susan for visiting and kids love wriggly things and I am so glad they are "super excited" about the idea of feeding and caring for these amazing garden workers.

Ali said...

that's great that your whole family is organised with your bin system ~ I have a container in the fridge for the scraps but will have to use another one when we get our chooks

Lucky-1 said...

It took some time to get everyone used to the system, but it's second nature here now:)

Libbys Blog said...

Do you make your own worm farms or have you bought them? Now we are moving towards fortnightly collections I really would like to get a couple underway. I shall have a read through all your 'worm' posts and if I have any questions I shall pop back!

Lucky-1 said...

I bought these way back (8 years ago) when I was working Libby:)