Sunday, July 22, 2007

Links, Feeds and Subscriptions

Something completely different for todays posting as I have been busy making a few changes on the right hand side.

Also I have added some emoticons to my blog mrgreen just to make it look more fun.

I love looking at other people's blog to see how they are set up and to see what they are doing.

For people who aren't aware of it, I am Pat's carer and so there are times where I don't get to post daily. So at times I can go for almost a week without posting.

For you as a reader, clicking and loading my site and finding I haven't posted can be a let down. So over in the right hand side, I had added a subscription feed. This way when I have posted you can be notified and go and see what I am doing for that day.

You will not be receiving SPAM through subscribing.

I use a blog feed myself as I have favourite blogs I like to visit regularly. Saves a lot of time loading up the pages only to find no update has been posted.

My sister Susan has a blog and she's a whiz at it, she was telling me last night via email that she had thought of me when writing her post.

Some of her features I have been wanting for a while, so last night I started to set them up and finished it this morning.

You can read all about the feeds and how they work at Susan's Art& Stuff as its explained so well.

Also another blog that is lovely to visit is my brother's blog Just Cruisin Snapshots Mick's blog has photos from around Australia and close to home in Adelaide.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Susan Borgas said...

Thanks for the shout Sis! Glad the post was of some help to you as I am sure it will be to many others as well. *thumbsup*

Lucky-1 said...

Yes, thanks for putting the links up and your page and explaining about the whole idea of it.

Anonymous said...

Emoticons! I NEED emoticons for my blog! Please tell me how! :-)

Lucky-1 said...

Easy Kimble:)

Click on Art & Stuff on the post and it'll take you to Susan's blog and the link is there:)

Scarecrow said...

Ooooooo Lucky!!!
I'm with Kimble! Thank you!
And Susan!

You know you've created a monster here with these emoticons don't you. lol

BTW I've already got a link to Mick's photo blog on my photo blog! :)

Lucky-1 said...

Glad those emoticons are going to be well used;)

Yes I was amazed to see Mick and you linking on the photo blog side and us on the vegie side.

Makes cyber space smaller than what it used to