Monday, July 16, 2007

Odds & Ends

I was wondering if Milly the little kitten Amy brought home back in April (at 3 weeks of age) would loose her trait of cuddling up to Amy. Going from this photo Milly has no intentions of stopping her little habits.

Amy had just arrived home from work and as soon as Milly hears the car security beep, her little feet hit the floor and shes running to the front door. Milly is like a dog in some ways...she purrs and rubs her face in Amy's hair and neck area.

Milly loves to drape herself over Amy's shoulder and nuzzle Amy's nape area. I'd think it was sickening if I wasn't so pea green.

Milly doesn't purr for me and would rather bite and play with me than cuddle and purr. But then Milly isn't my cat is she?

Also I have pulled out the cupboard a blanket I have been crocheting for what seems like 5 years.

Actually it has been in the back of the cupboard for the last 5 years. This lead to me pulling everything out the bedroom wardrobes today and throwing out so much rubbish. Anything that was okay went round to the Salvation Army for their shop.

The wool used is left overs from jumpers I have knitted over the years. Harley and Lucky love the whole idea of me crocheting to knitting as it's big enough for them to get under as I crochet. I want to have it at least that size again for it to be able to keep us warm and the cats.

This is another way of recycling and not throwing into land fill. I have been knitting for over 25 years now, my Nanna taught me the basics and my mother in law taught me lacy patterns when pregnant with Amy.

So I had collected a lot of left over wool over the years. I only knit with pure wool, Pat & I have matching aran jumpers I knitted back before James was born and he turned 20 last month. It costs more to use pure wool, but to me it's worth it.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Lucy C said...

Milly is gorgeous and I love the photo with the two cats. Milly is a lucky kitten. Was she rescued from somewhere?

Lucky-1 said...

Yes Lucy, she was found at an empty house that Amy had open for a few hours on wet Saturday afternoon. Amy works in real estate.

Milly was only meant to stay a few weeks until old enough to go to a home.

But she wiggled into our hearts before the date came round.:)