Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Planning Summer Crops.

Before you know it summer will be here and if you don't start to plan before much longer, summer will almost be here and your crops are not in.

Already I am starting to think of what sort of vegies I want to grow for this coming summer season. cool With the drought and water restrictions, this will need to be factored in with your choices and amount of plants you grow.

Also the size of your area allocated to your vegie patch will dictate in what you grow. So below are a few of my thoughts for what to look at when planing your next seasons crop.

  • Look at different varieties that can be grown. Don't have the space to grow pumpkins and want too? Try a bush pumpkin called "Golden Nugget", this variety grows similar to a zucchini plant. This is what I am planning on doing this coming season.
  • Cucumbers love to grow up a trellis. Plants growing up trellises are a great way to save space and allow for more in the vegie plot, using trellises also helps to keep the crop clean.
  • Tomatoes... try staggering your planting. Plant half of what you want to grow 1 month and the other half a month later. Also with the varieties you can now choose from to grow, check and see if they are early or late croppers. Sure beats having a glut all at once and then nothing for the rest of the season.

What to do with excess food from your harvest?

When a glut of food from you garden is over running your kitchen, it can become a problem with what to do with the excess. Neighbours are always great of disposing of food by passing food over the fence. Making jams, pickles and preserving them is another great way to use up the glut.

Where possible I like to dry the over load of fruit & veg. This is a great way to extend the harvest into the non growing seasons. Also saves you having to pay the high prices at the shops, when it's not growing in your garden.

Lastly don't be afraid to grow a new variety of food this coming summer. A lot if times you are able to buy a single plant at the nursery, this saves buying 6 or 8 cell punnet and not liking the flavour. If you do like the chosen variety, you can always buy the 6 or 8 cell punnet next season.

I have a list of links on my blog for seed suppliers, check them out. idea

So there you go, I hope this has you thinking about what you want to grow in the warmer months.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Libbys Blog said...

Warmer months?????? Whats that???
lol!!! No water shortage here, some people have to use boat to get about!!!!!

Lucky-1 said...

Yes Libby, we are watching the news reports each night:( Some amazing footage of towns flooded.

Some countries are suffering heat waves and fires as well.

I hope you are safe where you are.

Lucy C said...

I think I will require counselling before I consider my vegie garden.
Last year it was a disaster zone!

Lucky-1 said...

Well I'm here if you want some cyber help:D

Ali said...

this is my first year of growing anything other than cherry tomatoes and strawberries so I have lots of decisions to make :)

Lucky-1 said...

Keep in mind that small is better for the first season with really growing vegies.

My vegie patch is 8 years old and each year I would enlarge an area until I was happy with the size and could cope with it all.

Now its a manageable size and I'm happy with it's area.