Monday, July 30, 2007

Saying It With Flowers

Other ways we also help the environment is using public transport. Walking to the local train stop, is our exercise for the day. Using the trains or buses also saves us money with not having to pay for parking in areas where the councils charge. Also we don't have to spend as much on petrol each fortnight.

So today we took the train into the city to visit a friend who was in hospital.

Then we walked to the bus stop on North Terrace and we passed the War Memorial.

We stopped, reflected and gave thanks to the people who gave the ultimate price for us to have our freedom.

Then we caught the bus to the hospital.

Hospital tend to dry flowers out so much and as our friends own a garden nursery shop in Whyalla, I thought..... something green.

A beautiful head of organic broccoli for them to take home and enjoy would be the order, along with a floral get well card.

Tomorrow we go and collect the cat trap from our niece's place and then we're out to catch a fox.

Until then....hoo roo

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Lucy C said...

I love home grown gifts.
While we don't have any vegies to give away my daughter did take a bunch of jonquils to give to her physio today.

Lucky-1 said...

I too love home grown or home made gifts:)

Jonquils are such a pretty flower.

Ali said...

what a brilliant idea instead of flowers :)

Susan said...

what a fab idea with the brocolli!

Good on you too utilising public transport, its somethign i am not good at at all as I dislike it soooo much! I must make effort when I can though!

Lucky-1 said...

Love train rides and I think this