Monday, July 23, 2007

Treating Wounds From Gardening.

On Saturday morning while weeding the Friendship Garden I grabbed a pile of weeds and this also included part of the lower end of a rose branch. cry

The squeal of pain brought Pat out to see what happened and when I stopped swearing he figured I was okay and went back inside. Only to return a short time later with a cuppa tea to help make me feel better.

As the day progressed my ring finger became sore and on investigation I found a rose tip had broken off in my finger.

With the torch light and a pin, I had a poke and dig.... but couldn't get it out. With the torch and a sharper pin, Pat had a dig and a squeeze..... but couldn't get it out.

By now the finger was sore as Billy-Oh and blood was coming out when squeezed. Pat then suggested letting Amy have a go at it. I promptly responded with "Piss Off" and put a couple of band aids on my finger and watched for an ambush in the hallway. One doesn't let your daughter dig in your body with a sharp needle after years of saying no to her lol .

By morning the finger wasn't the best though no puss was coming from the now open skin area from the needle attack the day before. Pat and I got talking about it and we knew there must be a way to help draw the thorn from my finger.

Then I thought of it Aussies Living Simply a website for people...who want to live simply. I posted on the site and was give some wonderful advice on how to draw the thorn out.

  • Make a potato poultice
  • Wrap raw onion around my finger
  • Dampen (not wet) a bit of bread and wrap the finger up.
To mention a few that were offered to me.

I took the honey tip and this morning I was pleased to say the thorn just popped out when I unwrapped my finger.

This was an easy problem to solve and I was lucky the wound didn't become infected, which could have led to bigger problems.

When gardening you must wear the appropriately safety gear, especially when using power tools. I was wearing gloves and so this would have made the thorn not go in as far as it could have.

Make sure you are up to date with all your medical shots, tetanus is most important, it's a shocking way to die I have been told. Also saves spending hours in a medical clinic or in an emergency ward in the local hospital. mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo

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Libbys Blog said...

Its excellent what great advice you can get from your internet friends! Glad its feeling better.

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Libby:) Finger is healing quickly now the thorn is gone:)