Friday, July 13, 2007

Update On Fox Raid.

I am very sadden to report that Milly died late this afternoon from the fox attack. This photo is from about 18 months ago when she was broody and hatched out a lovely little clutch of ducklings.

I tried to catch her earlier today, but she became stressed and the other ducks and bantams also became stressed, so I stopped trying to catch her.

Looking at her body, the damaged was around her neck and couldn't be seen with all her thick feathers.

In hindsight I should have continued and caught her, as she could have been put out of pain earlier in the day. Milly will be buried in the new espalier area tomorrow, near Nibbles.

Foxes are becoming very brazen by moving into the suburbs of towns and please remember to lock away your poultry towards evening.

Before sumer we will modify the duck shed, so they can be locked safely away in the hot months as well. One thing, the fox has tasted and he'll be back.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Dawn said...

So sorry to hear that your sweet duck, Milly, died. It sounds like you gave her a very happy life.


Lucy C said...

Poor Milly. She was a beautiful duck.

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Lucy.
Yes Milly was a lovely duck and it feels different out the back with her gone.

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Dawn, I like to think my ducks live a very good life here. Lost of organic greens from the garden.

orchid40 said...

What a shame Lucky, so sorry you lost Milly. Foxes are a menace aren`t they to chooks and ducks. One of the reasons I decided against keeping them.

Lucky-1 said...

I'm not having a fox keep me from having my poultry.... thanks for your kind words o40:)