Saturday, July 07, 2007

Wet Saturday in July.

What's a gardener meant to do on a wet day in July?

Going from the photos below not gardening for one thing.

Garden is too wet to be out disturbing the soil as this could damage the structure of it, so the morning was spent in the kitchen cooking.

Bantam's heads are just poking over the top of the people fence as they take shelter from the rain. Those sunflowers are really needing to be dug in and now they have flower heads forming, that'll make it harder to dig them in as I love sunflowers.

Bantams using the old rabbit hutch as a shelter from the rain. Clyde will be snug as a bug in on her nest she has built.... dreaming of chickens. Love it when a silky gets wet, they look so punkie with their wet hair-do.

Inside the house is nice and dry, kids are out either at work or socializing . We get to stay home and babysit our "Grand-Kitty" Milly who was full of beans.

Her favourite spot for getting toys is the fruit rack.

Okay who wants to come and play with me?

Your it.

I cheated as the bread maker made this lovely loaf of super soft white bread. In the bread maker is a spicy fruit loaf cooking away.

I also make pizza bases, hot cross buns, dinner rolls, finger buns and sweet buns.

ANZAC biscuits, they'll last as long as the kids don't find them. I look at the biscuits in the shops and they seem over priced and some taste the same as the ones sitting next to them on the shelf. Just nice to have a couple of biscuits in a container if someone comes round.

Now it's afternoon time, may go and put my feet up and do some knitting.

Until next time....hoo roo

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alphabet soup said...

The Anzac biscuits look lovely, I right clicked on them to get a better look. I agree totally when you say that all bought biscuits taste the same and are way overpriced....
Ms Soup

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Ms Soup:)

They taste yummy too;)

Lucy C said...

I love the top photo of the garden in the rain.
It looks like an English garden.
I should get back into baking ANZACs.
Your baking has inspired me as has your vegie garden.
We shall see.