Sunday, July 15, 2007

What's In A Name.

Emailing to my sister last night, I had her head spinning a bit with how I name the animals. So thought it would make a great read for today and give you a bit of an insight into how I think. Not sure if this is a good thing or not though......wink.

I like to keep some breeds to a theme and it can take a couple of days to name a new member of the "Lucky's Duck Farm" and then a name will just pop in.

Also unless you are 100% sure of the sex of the animal we can at times have a girl or boy name matched to the wrong sex. Like Bonnie & Clyde my 2 silkies.

Clyde had a girls name (can't remember it now) and Bonnie was named after my sister's little bantam called Bonnie. People would call in and and have a look at the new bantams and as soon as I said Bonnie.... they would say Clyde and so her name stuck.

My Isa Brown hens, as they are all alike in markings I call them "The Ruby Reds". Sounds like a Motown Group from the 60's. Isa Browns are bred for eggs only and when these girls are peaking with the egg laying.... they are busy as.

I had 4 white chooks that I raised from chicks and I called them the Fab 4....much to Pat's disgust. Then the 4 went through a stage of jumping the people fence and making a mess in the vegie patch. They were then known as the FAB LESS 4. I lost John & George to Coccidiosis with all the wet damp weather we have had. So now we have the FAB LESS 2

This is Ringo, how can I tell? She has more black feathers on her.

Paul, she is more white than Ringo.

This is Blackie,she's one of the last 2 off spring of Henry my first rooster, who's dad lived on my sister's property and his name was "Roaster".

Gee how are you going? Keeping up with me and how my little gang got their names:)

This is Oprah, she's Henry's grand daughter with Blackie and she's not really a big hen either. Oprah got her name as she was the only chicken that hatched and she's a single black chick.

This is Radar my Light Sussex bantam. He got his name one day when Pat told him to be a man with the ladies. I said he's just a kid and that night on *M*A*S*H Radar used that line. So Radar he became.

So keeping with the theme I named the little Sussex with white legs Hotlips. I have been told a true Sussex has white legs. The little hen with yellow legs, well I called her Klinger as she looks a bit like a cross dresser with those yellow legs.

So there you have it. If you want to go and lay down after reading all that.... it's okay, I won't mind a bit:)

Until next time....hoo roo

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Anonymous said...

nice lucky1

Lucky-1 said...

Thank you.

Lucy C said...

Great minds think alike!
I was just about to post on my blog for a competition to 'name that chook' when I thought I would check in to see if you have posted today yet!

PS.I like the new colour!

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Lucy:)

I'll nick over and have a look and see what you are up too.

Kirsty said...

Hi Lucky, I love that you have a girl called Paul! I just love animals with people names I have Troy and Helen the turkeys! Great blog!

Lucky-1 said...

I have a brother in law called Paul too. Wonder what he thinks of a hen called