Friday, August 31, 2007

Seedlings Growing In Spring.

When these little fellas popped their heads through the soil, bet they didn't think the hottest day on record in August was going to greet them. I actually had to go out in the day time and water these as the winds were so fierce and hot.

Carrots looking pretty good there and I have 2 rows growing.

Spring onions from my own seed saving collection. When these are big enough I'll transplant them to a new area, I am preparing for over the hotter months.

Pak Choy getting bigger.

Leafy oak lettuces doing their thing mrgreen .

Once these seedlings are old enough to be transplanted, they are off over into the no-dig area under some bird netting.

I think only 1 little red leaf lettuce survived the heat of yesterday. So I am going to let this one go to seed, so I can collect more seeds for following sowing/harvests. I have never saves lettuce seeds before, so if the plant gets that far, I'll be learning something new.

Today was a kinder day, weather wise. Though after all that hot wind yesterday, there was a cool wind blowing on my legs today. Much nicer.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Under Straw & Soil & Above.

Today is the hottest day on record for a winter day in August. Our house is closed up and the awnings down to keep the inside of the house cool.

Vegie garden is busy out the back trying not to wilt under the hot northerly winds with a temp in the low 30's.

Potatoes are starting to make a move and this little fella is already showing the roots starting to search and go down into the soil. Really hoping for a good harvest towards Christmas.

One thing about this warm weather, it's got the rainbow chard growing large lush green leaves. Rabbits sure enjoyed a feed the other night for their dinner.

My interest has peaked with the garlic I am growing, as a few of the cloves have grown a bit on the strange side. Others are looking pretty good in my books.

Check them out below. eek

Lots of shoots that are spindly and not doing a great deal with the growth of their leaves above the soil.

These ones are looking FAB TAB and growing normally.

I guess when harvested, I'll get to see what is happening underneath. If you have a thought on what could be causing this.... why not leave me a comment.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Great Land Grab.

Our son James moved out of home 2 weeks ago this Friday and now it's time to take our land back lol. James is like most teenagers wanted an area to entertain his friends with and not have mum & dad around 24/7.

So we gave him an spot out the back next to the veranda, near my vegie garden. This is his area eek scary isn't it?? We have put his "stuff" in another area for him to collect and we set about cleaning the area up.

Junk removed and the area had a shovel ran over it and then all weeds, smoke butts and rubbish collected and removed.

Now this is what I call a backyard blitz. mrgreen Now we don't have to pack away our table and chairs from the lawn each night after a day out the back relaxing. A place where we can come and go as we please.

Where we can have our breakfast on those balmy mornings and read the latest gardening or poultry magazine. Or a coffee, tea or skinny coke. cool

Pat then set about cleaning up a path to the rainwater tank. He was enjoying the whole idea of gardening and making the area more pleasing on the eyes. The table is just down the bottom on the right in the photo. So it's a lovely cooling area we have now set up.

Sadlycry there was a casualty in this land grab, we are hoping the birds will still nest this spring. Thankfully no eggs have been laid as of yet.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Total Lunar Eclipse 2007

Below are my photos of the Luna Eclipse . I have a Finepix 5600 camera. Not a big flash camera for moon photos, but it does take wonderful garden and poultry photos out the back.

I have tried to put the photos at a easy size for uploading.

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Pea Green About Spring

I have my camera back mrgreen

Spring has sprung and going from the hot north wind we had hounding the state yesterday, summer isn't far behind.

Over the last couple of days not having my camera, there seems to be lots of changes out in my garden. So over the next few days I'll show you them.

Each year Pat and I try to out bid each other on who finds the first apricot blossom. This year I found first blossom and was just so pleased as Pat usually beats me to it. I still have some apricot jam from last season's jam making. 21 lbs was made into jam.

The climbing peas are rocketing towards the sky and I am just thrilled with the results. To start off with, I was worried as the tiny plants as they didn't seem to be doing much.

Now look at them cool

Check out the length of this pod, more on the trellis like this baby I can tell you. So tempting to just pick a few off and eat them, pod and all.......

All those peas just hanging there, sucking in all that South Aussie sunshine (rain would be good) and just growing as big as. biggrin

Had to remove the bird netting for good as the plants are so tall and looking to grow still past the bird netting. Getting a few deformed pea pods as well with the plants trying to push through the netting.

So we are hoping the birds won't be too harsh on the plants. Pea stems aren't that strong, as the insides are hollow, makes for easy breakages when they land on the trellis and bop round in the plants.

Trellis and peas as of this morning. The variety I am growing is telephone and I must say I am very impressed with the yield on the plants.

The best way to eat peas from the garden are ......... standing out the back on dusk or early morning and pick, snap and eat...... freshly picked, moist, crunching and you guessed it organic.

Until next time....hoo roo

Sunday, August 26, 2007

That Them Cows.

Amy has gone to Roxby Downs and has taken my digital camera with her, so I have a photo of a different kind to show today.

This is Mary a Hereford/Santa cross with her week old babies Lyn & Lyndall. My sister Debbie emailed this photo to me this morning and Mary is one of her cows.

Look at all that space behind the cows. mrgreen When ever I get photos from Deb I really do miss the outback and what it has to offer. If you know what your looking at and looking for, there are so many different kinds of plants and animals to be found while out walking.

Deb is bringing me down more sheep manure next trip to Adelaide. That will be handy for the summer crops as not only will it feed the soil, but help to retain water over the hot months.

I often say to Pat is we ever got some land somewhere and we had room, I'd have a cow..... for milking. When we visit Deb & Paul's place, I love to help feed the baby orphaned calves that Deb hand rares.

Have you checked out My Knitting Box yet?? I have posted photos of my 12 ply jumper I finished yesterday.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Broccoli Flowers

What a lovely way to finish off the broccoli season. This broccoli head has gone to flower and before I fed it to the rabbits, I thought I'd share with you the simple but stunning head, going to flower.

Very warm here today and no real promise of rain in sight.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Seeds Germinating

I am really excited as the Pak Choy and lettuce seedlings are making a move by germinating. As long as they keep growing I can transplant some into another area when they are big enough.

Pretty as can be and when they grow up, lovely fresh organic lettuces for the dinner table.

Pak Choy also looking pretty FAB TAB there in the soil. Rabbits love these little plants when a plant is dropped into their hutch.

Sunflowers are making a lovely spring showing out in the backyard. Said to Pat, once the flowers die off enough, I'll pop the flower head in the chook run and hang it upside down. Chooks will love the idea of pulling out these sunflower seeds.

Cocky might even like one too, save him yelling out for an almond all the time.

Last of the broccoli was picked until next year, I have noticed the little white butterflies have came round. With the warmer weather this will mean green grubs as well.

One of the Ruby Reds laid a brown egg yesterday, nearly fell over in shock eek as it's been that long since I have seen one. Must say the hens are enjoying the spring days as they are dust bathing.

Until next time....hoo roo

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