Wednesday, August 08, 2007

2nd Day Sowing Root Crop Seeds.

The last 2 days have been in line with the moon for sowing root crops in the vegie patch. On these 2 days we have walked so much and had a wind to keep us company as we wander round our area shopping for food, seeds & seed potatoes.

I took two photos of the area I have picked for the following seeds: parsnip, turnip, radish, carrot & beetroot.

You may see weeds in these photos, but I see food for the chooks & ducks. Clumps of weed roots with worms intertwined for the poultry to gobble up with glee.

These areas have as you guessed not been used for a while and with me walking on the areas, it's pretty compacted. sad So I had a bit of hard playing before me. This area was allocated to carrots and beetroot.

This area between the fence and wormwood was for turnip, parsnip & radish. I tackled that area first and found the soil to be soft and easy to turn and rake to a fine tilth. Very happy with the out come of the first plot.

I'm more wise this time round, left hand row is turnips and the right side parsnips. In the middle are the radishes. Hoping this time round to have a better crop of parsnips, as the first sowing the little parsnip seedlings were swamped with the leaves from the swede & turnips.

The soil where I wanted to plant the carrots & beetroot seeds was big chunks of clay. So while out on my daily walk, I bought some Chantenay seeds. This variety is a short rooted carrot and is great for a clay soil.

After lunch I tackled this area with the garden fork and after a good work out, I had good soil and a fine tilth; ready for the seeds.

All done with some wire to protect the area from birds digging. I have left a little bit of an area for walking down to where the spuds are.

So now we wait for the seeds to germinate and keep the weeds away from this area.

Tomorrow, no walking anywhere. A day at home resting my feet. mrgreen

Until next time.... hoo roo

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