Saturday, August 04, 2007

Ahh Saturday In The Garden

Just after midday here and I have just eaten left over pasta that I made the other day. When gardening, I tend to eat what is easy and quick. lol

I have come inside for a rest and to see what the photos were like to have taken and decided to post now rather than later on this afternoon.

Been busy this morning cleaned out the duck shed and hen house areas. Lot of this straw will be put down the back for the potatoes I am wanting to plant out this month, in line with the moon phases.

How amazing is my second crop of broccoli I planted by the moon phase? This is grow in the no-dig area of the garden. Already the full size caulies are forming flowers heads as well.

This morning I have done a trail blanching run as I want to keep as much as the broccoli as I can with out wasting it or giving it all away. You can find a write up and photos on my Garden to Plate blog.

While snooping round the garden and tiding up areas, I found the asparagus is now shooting mrgreen. Oh boy it seems like yesterday that I just stopped picking this yummy vegetable. Only last night I was reading about this plant in my July copy of Gardening Australia.

This soil is where the first crop of broccoli was grown. Turned over and on the 7th of this month in line with planting root crops by the moon phase...... a couple of rows of carrot seeds will go in. Turning the soil I am able to see it's full of lovely earth worms.

I am so convinced with this moon planting phases, I am not really game to plant outside the times suggested.

Well lunch break is over and so it's out the back to play some more.

Until then....hoo roo

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Ali said...

I am very interested in learning more about moon planting. Could you possibly do a blog posting on it ?? Pretty please !! :)

orchid40 said...

Wow it`s all happening in your garden Lucky !!
Good looking Broccoli, all nice and healthy :)
If it`s this good in winter it will be amazing in Spring !!

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks o40:D I am pretty stoked with the results from the garden over the cooler months.