Saturday, August 18, 2007

Birthday Chooks, Fresh As.

I have 2 new point of lay hens, that I bought out of my birthday money from Pat & James. I was going to get a new mini house, but the way I saw it....

I can make up a couple of little mini hot houses with a couple of fish tanks I am not using now, but I can't get eggs out of the said fish tanks. lol

So while Amy was home we drove out to the poultry place to have a look and while there buy a bag of feed for the ducks & chooks. Amy's car isn't back from the workshop yet, so we are still car less for those out of the way places we go to.

Not sure what I will call them, I want to use a theme as later on I'll buy a couple more. I am thinking they maybe a month or just over, away from laying eggs.

Buying point of lay chooks can be expensive if buying a group all at once. So a couple at a time to get my numbers up, will be less of a strain on the purse strings.

Note the coloured band on her right leg? This is for my records, so I know how old my chooks are. I also cut their right wings, so that they don't hurt themselves flying round in fright, until they get to know their new home.

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Lucy C said...

I am envious.
If I ever buy cross bred birds from my local produce store in Sun Valley they will all be called The Valley Girls.
I currently have The Pixel Chiks and one Dixie Chik.
Could you name them after a girl band/group?
The Spice Girls would be cute.
Or Diana Ross and The Supremes?
My 8yo daughter suggests The Veronicas. Although there are only two of them!

Lucky-1 said...

I was wondering what to call them and have settled on the theme of fruits.

So we have


Ali said...

LOL at you saying you wouldn't be able to get eggs from the fish tanks!!

The tanks will make great little hot houses :)