Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cabbages, Root Crops & A New Voting Poll.

With all the success with growing cauliflowers and broccoli, I can't get over how poor the cabbages have been. I know we will have a poor harvest of some varieties of foods from season to season. But the cabbages were grown in the same soil area and treated the same as the other brassica varieties.

So what went wrong? I am not sure, maybe their needed for liquid fertilizer to the caulies & broccoli is different. More manure and compost pumped into the soil for their feeding requirements? Next time I grow cabbages, I'll grow them separate to the other brassica and treat them differently.

I put my hand on the biggest cabbage head out in the garden, to give you an idea of the sizes of the cabbage heads. I have harvested a small one already that was tight, sweet tasting and nothing wrong with it; only the size.

Radishes have germinated.

Turnips have germinated as well.

That rain forecast for my area, has gone "walk about" and who ever scored it, please use the rain wisely. lol

Also I have out of interest put a new poll on my blog about foxes. I seem to be reading a lot about folks having problems with foxes at this time of the year. So if you can take the time to vote and show us if you are having problems with foxes, it would be wonderful of you. mrgreen
This will also show us how many have this problem . I haven't nominated states, just a yes, no or not sure.

Until next time.... hoo roo

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Ali said...

it's starnge how sometimes one thing won't grow as well as another ~ That's nature for us!!

Rhonda Gay said...

Hey Lucky girl I have just nominated YOU for a nice matters award.
Thankyou for being you my friend((HUG))