Friday, August 10, 2007

Come Walking With Us.

Thought with talking about the walking Pat & I enjoy doing, I'd take my camera along with us today. Show you some of the pretty areas we walk around and what we get to see using our legs.

Something about walking and not taking the car. Not only is it great for the environment and our purse strings. We also get to look at other things besides cars, road signs and smoking exhaust pipes.

One area we walk has a beautiful creek to cross over or even follow along. When it rains, the creek can get a good flow going.

One of the open park areas near the creek. Lovely and green from the winter rains. Birds can be heard calling for each other.

We even get to look at the locals and at times they will lets us get close enough to see what they are getting up too.

Love walking in this area, so pretty and also great tracks for riding our bikes through as well. Turning round and seeing where we have been........

And where we are going, has to be better than looking out a car window.

I believe this is called "Stopping to smell the roses" mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo

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1 comment:

Lucy C said...

Keep smelling those roses.
It is what keeps us sane!