Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Here Foxy, Foxy, Foxy

Late this afternoon Pat & I went and collected my brother in law's cat trap from his daughter's place. It was lovely catching up with Josephine & Matt.

The trap mrgreen home made and sturdy, hopefully strong enough to keep that fox in, if we're lucky enough to catch the poxy thing.

With a bit of a lesson on how to set the trap we grabbed a lovely yummy piece of scrap meat from the freezer. I am sure the though of fresh free meat will help to tempt the fox into the cage. If we catch a cat... we'll release it.

We were shown where to make sure the wire slide is in the right position, to lock the fox in once the trap is released.

All set up and ready to hopefully catch the fox.

Stay tuned for updates and photos of anything we catch.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Ali said...

good luck ~ hope you catch it!!

Lucky-1 said...

So do we Ali, so do we.

Going to be interesting to see how many cats we cat too. Those we'll release.

Kimmysmum said...

Lets hope that gets the little blighter. Good luck

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Kimmysmum:)

I hope its sooner than later too.

Lucy C said...

Any luck?

Lucky-1 said...

Fox, zilch