Saturday, August 11, 2007

How The Garden Is Growing.

I thought today's post could be about some individual photos of some of the plants in the vegie patch.

This purple/white eggplant was sown from a seed last year and has been left to the winter elements and has survived. Looks pretty sad and sorry but there is good news......

New leaves are forming and so I am hoping this means the plant won't drop dead as winter comes to an end. If all goes well, I'll give it a light pruning in early September.

Cauliflower head forming. This variety is a normal size plant not a mini plant like the first sowing and I am hoping for a good size when it comes due for picking.

Endive thick and lush. I used a sharp knife this morning to harvest some, for tonight's salad. The spare area to the right I have sown some spring onion seeds and Pak Choy seeds, tomorrow some lettuce seeds will also go in this area.

One of the Ruby Reds having a dust bath in the sun.

Some of the workers cleaning up a broccoli plant I turfed over into the duck run this morning.

The pea flower is such a pretty thing and this will be the closest I get to Sweet Peas in my garden.

First time ever I have grown sunflowers and look at the first flower head. I think they are such a stunning flower. When this dries off, I'll give it to the chooks to have a peck at.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at these photos. Tomorrow I'll have some photos on planting out the lettuce seeds.

Until then....hoo roo

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Libbys Blog said...

You can't beat sunflowers, they are so easy to grow and the wild birds love them!!!

Lucky-1 said...

I am so pleased with the sunflower....was meant to be turned in as it was in the green manure crop..... just didn't have the heart to do it in the end:)

Lucy C said...

Oh no! Is it time to plantllettuce?I really want to plant some this year. Can you answer some questions for me in tomorrows post? Here they are:
What are you planting?
What are the requirements for each type you plant?
Do you plant them at staggered intervals for ongoing picking?
My kids love the baby lettuce leaves you can buy at the supermarket and I am thinking of venturing back into the vegie patch. If you don't want to answer these questions on the blog can you PM me via BYP?
I am very excitied to think I might actually grow something useful.

Lucky-1 said...

Check back tomorrow Lucy and I'll have some answers for you:)