Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mini Hot Houses.

After choosing to spend my birthday $$$ on a couple of new egg making factories, I had to then put my thinking cap on.

What can I use for a mini hot house to get my tomatoes and egg plants off to a good start in? Then I remembered a good gardening buddy up north, uses an old fish aquarium tank. mrgreen What a great way of recycling unused items, that otherwise would have been put to the back of the shed, sold off at a garage sale, or even worse; sent to land fill.

I have 2 aquariums one was for the turtles when I first bought them years ago and the other had goldfish in it. Used an old aquarium we bought for James, when he was given Toby the wonder rat as the new turtle tank, once they out grew their original tank. Goldfish have gone to the composting bin, or round to my sister in law, so I didn't have to buy new food for it.

Having never used a glass tank for a hot house before I need to find out a bit about how they will heat up and cool down.

So today I have been fiddling with this project and also watering the vegie garden with the watering can, harvesting from the leafy green area. Listing to Klinger and Hotlips, who swear they are the only 2 chickens in Australia that lay eggs. New layers are so funny to listen to when they come into laying.

Couple of old chairs from the kitchen set we picked up from Pa's house when he moved. These are too old to fix up and so, they are making great tables for the fish tanks to sit on.

Tanks sitting in the sun, so I can see how much they will hold in the way of seedling punnets.

Smaller one can hold 4 punnets.

Bigger tank holds 7 punnets. I have left the stones in the bottom of the tanks to help as drainage.

I put a glass of water into each tank and popped the glass lids on top to see how much they will heat up. Looking at putting them under the shade cloth over near the vegie garden area. So tomorrow I will do the same test in under the shade cloth to see what the temperature difference was.

I know I can't leave the tanks once the seeds are placed inside them, in the full sun. I am just crossing my "T"s and dotting my "I"s before I get into the serious side of raising seedlings.

Until next time....hoo roo.

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Ali said...

that's a great recycling idea :)

Lucy C said...

NIce work Lucky.
I have sent to a PM via BYP.
I need your blogger expertise please.

Lucy C said...

I have got the banner link up but only through the wethervane at the top of my blog.
Waiting for a .jpg banner from Andy.
Will send PM the code when I get it all done.