Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pea Green About Spring

I have my camera back mrgreen

Spring has sprung and going from the hot north wind we had hounding the state yesterday, summer isn't far behind.

Over the last couple of days not having my camera, there seems to be lots of changes out in my garden. So over the next few days I'll show you them.

Each year Pat and I try to out bid each other on who finds the first apricot blossom. This year I found first blossom and was just so pleased as Pat usually beats me to it. I still have some apricot jam from last season's jam making. 21 lbs was made into jam.

The climbing peas are rocketing towards the sky and I am just thrilled with the results. To start off with, I was worried as the tiny plants as they didn't seem to be doing much.

Now look at them cool

Check out the length of this pod, more on the trellis like this baby I can tell you. So tempting to just pick a few off and eat them, pod and all.......

All those peas just hanging there, sucking in all that South Aussie sunshine (rain would be good) and just growing as big as. biggrin

Had to remove the bird netting for good as the plants are so tall and looking to grow still past the bird netting. Getting a few deformed pea pods as well with the plants trying to push through the netting.

So we are hoping the birds won't be too harsh on the plants. Pea stems aren't that strong, as the insides are hollow, makes for easy breakages when they land on the trellis and bop round in the plants.

Trellis and peas as of this morning. The variety I am growing is telephone and I must say I am very impressed with the yield on the plants.

The best way to eat peas from the garden are ......... standing out the back on dusk or early morning and pick, snap and eat...... freshly picked, moist, crunching and you guessed it organic.

Until next time....hoo roo


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Deb said...

I can taste them from here. Guess next week I will taste them when I drop off the bags (did I write bags and not bag)of sheep manure for your garden.
From your sister......Deb!

Lucky-1 said...

Hey Deb:) It's in print now that the manure is coming lol. Can't wait for you to get here and share in the spoils of the garden.:D