Saturday, August 04, 2007

Saturday Afternoon

This afternoon was just as busy as what this morning was. Though I seem to have more to show for the afternoon playing out the back.

We just had a light shower of rain, heavy enough to remove woolen jumpers from the clothes line and to come inside where its dry.

All I have left to do today is cut open a bale of straw and spread some round in the duck and hen areas. This I'll do later on as the hens are quite happy debugging the duck shed for me. No way am I leaving a bale of straw unguarded with the ties cut rolleyes

Leafy green area is still growing it's little heart out for the kitchen. Today the bird netting was removed for a good weed and tidy up. Basil bush was removed too as it had died weeks ago.

Nice little area where the basil was, so that'll have some lettuces planted there.

All green waste was tossed over the "people fence" for the poultry to have a feast on. This also keeps them from thinking about hopping over the fence and making a mess in the garden. Only Ringo & Paul do this and they are just so naughty.

Couple of photos of the gang working together. Love all the mixture of colours when they are in a group like this.

Also I turned the compost bin and cut the comfrey back to ground level. Comfrey was looking a bit tired from Ringo & Paul's attack on it the other day. Also the compost bin could do with a power boost.

The chook bedding went into the compost bin, but the duck bedding has gone down the back to where the green manure was growing.

I want to use this as a coverage when I plant out the spuds later on as mentioned in the morning posting. By the time I am ready for a top up in the potato area, the duck shed will need another clean out. That way the straw is used twice.

Next port of call was the raspberry area of the garden.

Looks challenging doesn't it? But it's a fun and rewarding job and I love it. Starting on the left hand side all old canes were removed and the fruiting canes were woven through the trellis and tied up in groups.

  • The canes that grew in 2005 (are 2006 fruiting canes) and were tied up in winter 2006 fruited in summer 2006 were cut back in winter 2007.
  • Canes that grew in 2006 are tied back in winter 2007 (today) and will be this coming seasons fruit barres.
  • In 2008 these will be cut back and what new canes that grew in 2007 become the new fruiting canes for 2008.

I do hope I haven't confused you. eek

There is a variety of raspberry canes that you can cut all canes back, each year and they will bare fruit. But I am not able to tell you the name of this variety.

All done and looking tidy and ready to grow and fruit. Already next years fruiting canes have started to grow. These are the green patches against the soil.

For Ali mrgreen

I'm not as well informed on moon planting as this lady is. Cosmic Gardener is where I get my moon planting information from. You can visit her here as Cosmic is well taught in this field.

All I know is I am convinced it works and I'll continue to use this form of gardening practices in my vegie patch.

Well that has to be it for the day. Two posts in 1 day....boy Saturday in the garden sure was rewarding. wink

Until next time....hoo roo

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Ali said...

thanks alot for the link to Cosmic Gardener ~ I have had a read of her blog and emailed her requesting the monthly moon planting guide.

You've certainly had a very productive day :)

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks for letting me know Ali:) Hope you find the idea of moon planting as interesting and as rewarding as what I have.

Yes.... been a great day... now I need to