Friday, August 31, 2007

Seedlings Growing In Spring.

When these little fellas popped their heads through the soil, bet they didn't think the hottest day on record in August was going to greet them. I actually had to go out in the day time and water these as the winds were so fierce and hot.

Carrots looking pretty good there and I have 2 rows growing.

Spring onions from my own seed saving collection. When these are big enough I'll transplant them to a new area, I am preparing for over the hotter months.

Pak Choy getting bigger.

Leafy oak lettuces doing their thing mrgreen .

Once these seedlings are old enough to be transplanted, they are off over into the no-dig area under some bird netting.

I think only 1 little red leaf lettuce survived the heat of yesterday. So I am going to let this one go to seed, so I can collect more seeds for following sowing/harvests. I have never saves lettuce seeds before, so if the plant gets that far, I'll be learning something new.

Today was a kinder day, weather wise. Though after all that hot wind yesterday, there was a cool wind blowing on my legs today. Much nicer.

Until next time....hoo roo

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