Thursday, August 23, 2007

Seeds Germinating

I am really excited as the Pak Choy and lettuce seedlings are making a move by germinating. As long as they keep growing I can transplant some into another area when they are big enough.

Pretty as can be and when they grow up, lovely fresh organic lettuces for the dinner table.

Pak Choy also looking pretty FAB TAB there in the soil. Rabbits love these little plants when a plant is dropped into their hutch.

Sunflowers are making a lovely spring showing out in the backyard. Said to Pat, once the flowers die off enough, I'll pop the flower head in the chook run and hang it upside down. Chooks will love the idea of pulling out these sunflower seeds.

Cocky might even like one too, save him yelling out for an almond all the time.

Last of the broccoli was picked until next year, I have noticed the little white butterflies have came round. With the warmer weather this will mean green grubs as well.

One of the Ruby Reds laid a brown egg yesterday, nearly fell over in shock eek as it's been that long since I have seen one. Must say the hens are enjoying the spring days as they are dust bathing.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Ali said...

glad everything is germinating for you. I still haven't been able to germinate lettuce seeds :( maybe the packet was a DUD!!

Lucy C said...

Glad your girls are enjoying the dust baths.
After all the rain mine are applying mud masks!