Friday, August 17, 2007

Special Day Today.

So many special things are happening today.

My birthday for starters.

On Pat's birthday and the kids I always make a cake for them. Pat would love to make me one, but I always say, it's okay me not having one. I get the day off from doing dishes. mrgreen

But today I thought, what the heck... I'm having a cake. So I made a sponge cake.

This is the second time, I have even made a sponge cake. To see the end result I have posted a photo and the recipe on my Garden To Plate blog. I will tell you, I used my lovely duck eggs from the poultry area and my home made apricot jam.

Also today James is leaving the nest for the first time. He's looking forward to spreading his wings and we in return get a spare room and less traffic in the house. Going to be interesting to see how long this new adventure of his will last. Or will he be home again before we know it. Time will tell.

Maybe I could turn his bedroom into a rec room for the ducks & chooks lol what do you thinkquestion

Until next time....hoo roo


Ali said...

Happy Birthday Leanne :) I hope you've had a great day!
Your sponge cake looks delicious, especially with homemade apricot jam ~ yummy!!

I hope you're not too sad about James leaving home :)

Kez said...

Happy birthday! Your cake over on your other blog looks scrumptious!!!

Lucy C said...

Happy Birthday Lucky.
All the best babies are born in August!
Hope you had a good day and enjoyed your cake.

Susan said...

Happy Birthday!

The cake looks yummy too!

Had a chuckle at the 'rec room' idea :)

Lucky-1 said...

Thank you for your good wishes. The sponge cake is so yummy to eat and I am now adding it to my list of...what I will take to people's places when visiting and need to take a plate.

Had a great day and yes, James has moved out now. Feels different knowing he won't be sleeping here from now on.

The Duck Herder said...

Happy Birthday Lucky-1! I have been having trouble posting onto your blog for some reason, I have tried a number of times to say "hello"! and that I think you are quite right - duchess does look rather like a welsh harlequin rather than an elizabeh - although the females' colouring in both can be similar. Happy happy birthday anyway! the sponge looks devine!! :o)

Lucky-1 said...

Hi Duck Herder:)
Thank for looking at the photo of Duchess and plugging away at getting the post up for me to read. Also for your good wishes.