Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Time Out

Having a couple of days away from the vegie garden, while it looks after itself. Amy still doesn't have her car back and I am tired of walking.... well my legs are anyway.eek Even though we walk as much as we can, it's very annoying when I am needing a car to get somewhere and I can't use a car and have to walk.

There is talk of the car coming back into the family fold tonight, so we'll see what happens when Amy knocks off work.

James is enjoying life out of the nest.....

Yesterday Pat & I walked a round 4 km walk, as a post office card was in our letter box, when we got home from shopping. So off to the post office as a parcel was waiting for us after 3 pm. As we had been out most of the day, another walk was needed and an hour after we got home, we set off to collect the parcel.

Turned out to be wool and cardigan patten for a jumper I am going to knit for a lady over in Vic. This is the lady's cardigan she has chosen and it's the same lady I knitted the hat for.

So today I have spent most of the day with my legs up resting them, as I found them to be very sore and aching today. Also made for a bad nights sleep. So while resting them, I took advantage of getting some of my 12 ply jumper done.

I also need to get organized with a couple of baby cardigan's as I have a great niece or nephew due in October.

Also been thinking of starting up a blog to show my knitting crafts off. Been thinking about this for a while. Still thinking about this idea. What do you think??? Good idea or not??

Anyway garden and animals are enjoying the lovely spring weather. No promise of rain in the up coming week. cry

Until next time....hoo roo

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Rhonda Gay said...

PPLLEEAASSEE do the Knitting craft blog.
Rest your legs Lucky. You can't garden if you can't get out there.
Hope Amy's car is home soon.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a fabulous idea !

Lucy C said...

Anyone who can knit is a legend in my mind.
I will go check out the blog.
But remember "Don't share needles".