Thursday, August 30, 2007

Under Straw & Soil & Above.

Today is the hottest day on record for a winter day in August. Our house is closed up and the awnings down to keep the inside of the house cool.

Vegie garden is busy out the back trying not to wilt under the hot northerly winds with a temp in the low 30's.

Potatoes are starting to make a move and this little fella is already showing the roots starting to search and go down into the soil. Really hoping for a good harvest towards Christmas.

One thing about this warm weather, it's got the rainbow chard growing large lush green leaves. Rabbits sure enjoyed a feed the other night for their dinner.

My interest has peaked with the garlic I am growing, as a few of the cloves have grown a bit on the strange side. Others are looking pretty good in my books.

Check them out below. eek

Lots of shoots that are spindly and not doing a great deal with the growth of their leaves above the soil.

These ones are looking FAB TAB and growing normally.

I guess when harvested, I'll get to see what is happening underneath. If you have a thought on what could be causing this.... why not leave me a comment.

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Ali said...

wow, that certainly was a hot August day !!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lucky some of mine are a bit freaky. Not sure why either.
Hope you don't get to many hot days yet

Polly said...

Most of my garlic looks a bit miserable this year Lucky. I don't think the soil in this particular bed drains very well.

Gee it sure was hot over there. fancy having to close the house up to keep it cool in August.

Lucky-1 said...

Hey Ladies:)

It was a shocker of a day for sure. Last day of my buddy winter today.

Roll on next winter:D