Friday, August 03, 2007

Zygo In Flower

I have had 3 Zygo plants from my father in law for about 8 years now and this is the second year it has flowered. His were lovely big specimens and considering mine are so old, they haven't grown much in those years.

Last year I had my first flower and I do mean first flower as there was only 1 flower.

This is the first time this Zygo plant has flowered and it's a bit more redder that the pink one that flowered last year.

I think these are a stunning plant and when they flower they do put on a stunning show...well everyone else's that is lol but I am happy even with the 1 flower.

This plant flowered last year for the first time and look at it this year. A promise of more flowers.

I have been thinking of what I have done differently over the last 12 months and the only thing differently is a bit of worm wee every so often. Both plants are in the same spot they have been for the last 8 years.....eek

One day I hope to have a white one and an peachy orange colour. rolleyes

Until next time....hoo roo

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Kimmysmum said...

Lucky I have a white one and have soem cuttings in from it so when they strick I will send you some.
I am fairly sure I have a peach coloured one as well.If so you will get some of it to.

Lucky-1 said...

Oh that would be wonderful Kimmy:) Thanks so much:D