Saturday, September 01, 2007

August 07 Stats

I was sitting out in our new area, where I noticed the sun shining through the pea pods. Baby peas forming & growing could easily be seen as shadows in the pods.

August was a quiet month rain wise. I have only 5 mm for the month recorded. Well below the average rainfall for the last month of winter.

Also we had the hottest day since records were kept, of 30 degrees. Hot north winds pounded the state, drying up farmers crops as the hours passed.

James has spread his wings, by moving out to share a house with a couple of mates.

We increased our flock by 2 new point of lay hens called Peaches & Mango.

Eggs for this month are as follows.....

Chooks 36 eggs for August..... 4 short of July's quota of 40 eggs.

Bantams 35 eggs..... 23 more than in July, which was 12 eggs.

Ducks 63 eggs....34 more to Julys.....29 eggs

Klinger and Hotlips started laying, has helped to get the bantam egg quota up.

SA Government announced the ban on hoses and dripper systems will stay in force for the September month. Due to this and not knowing what is happening over the summer months, we decided not to buy our fruits trees this year. This has been put off until next year now.

Also I am thinking long and hard about what I want to grow over the spring/summer months. Only the most valuable variety of foods will be grown such as tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, spring onion..... and so on.

Left of the list this season will be bush pumpkins & corn for starters.

I feel that by growing our own food where possible, we are helping the environment. As I can carefully water our plants, rather than sprinklers on at a market garden. So I will continue to grow our own vegies, just on a smaller scale and mulch, mulch and mulch.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Ali said...

wow, you've certainly done well on the egg front!!

It's a shame about the water restrictions reducing what you can grow easily :(

Lucky-1 said...

The whole water restrictions is causing some pretty cross people. The way I see it, I'll mulch what area I don't plant in and get them ready for cooler months planting.