Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fun & Games With Banjo

This morning has been interesting with Banjo fully broody and Bundy chasing her all the time. Said to Pat I wonder if a broody duck gives off a hormonal scent, as Bundy goes nuts when Banjo is broody.

So first off Bundy had chased Banjo over the "people fence" and on the lawn. I walked Banjo back into the duck area and once again Bundy chased Banjo. This time over the back fence and into the park.

Thanks goodness for smart ducks as I walked round to her in the park and told her in a firm voice "home" and Banjo promptly flew home. mrgreen

So by now I had thought of how can I protect Banjo and set her with some duck eggs. Then I figured... oh what the heck... I set up her nest box in the hen house and opened the chook run gate, threw in the kitchen scraps and in went Banjo.

Followed almost by a wishful Rhett, wanting kitchen scraps. Thankfully Rhett decided to be a good girl and not go between my feet and feast on the goodies.

You can see where Bundy has been giving Banjo a hard time, by the bare patch on her head area. Poor little thing, all she wants to do is become a mum.

So tonight I'll cut her right wing (flight feathers) and this will keep her feet firmly on the ground.

Banjo has a plastic eggs to keep her happy until I have enough eggs to set her.

With having Banjo in with the hens 100% of the time, I need to keep an eye on the water. As ducks tend to make it muddy and not worry about water and keeping it clean for drinking.

Having Banjo safely in the chook run, I can continue to lock the ducks & 2 bantam silkies away at night, safe from foxes.

Remember how I emptied the mushroom box in the leafy green areaquestion Well look what I found, being nibbled by slugs.

The little paring knife is there to give you a scale of the size of the mushroom. No more mushies have poked their heads up and so I am wondering if this was a once off.

It's windy as here and raining today. Not sure how much rain is forecast, but its welcome here as it saves me watering my vegie patch by watering can.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Bare Bones Gardener said...

Well as the mushroom is really only the flowering part you might say of the mushroom.

I'd be checking the soil where it was for fine white threads. Which is the actual plant part of a mushroom.

And my guess is that you will find them

Ali said...

wow, what a mushie ~ that's a meal by itself!!

Lucky-1 said...

Yes BBG... there is white threads mixed in with the soil. Had a look today and no more have come up.

Ali, I couldn't get over the thickness of the stem.:D

Lucy C said...

Duckling season...yippee.