Monday, September 24, 2007

Lettuces & Spring Onions

Happy to report that the lettuce & spring onions were transplanted into their new area today. Well most of them were, still have some, that need a new area prepared. Or spread them out in the area they are in now. Need to think about this, as once the garlic is harvested, I want to add compost and sheep manure to the area and plant a summer crop in there.

Spring onions that need to be thinned out and transplanted. I am so proud of these little guys, as they are from seeds I have saved myself. Have to be a 3rd generation from my garden mrgreen so this makes the harvest of these a cheap food.

I have also potted on a pile of the spring onion seedlings for our good gardening friend Pepe and his wife. We are trading some spring onion for red cabbages. Now that is good gardening in my books.

Lots of lettuces and only had room to transplant the front group. Need to find an area for the other lettuce seedlings. Still need to move those 2 red loose leaf lettuces across to the new area. This will be done this evening, as its getting a bit warm outside for transplanting seedlings. Then I'll be watching this variety, as I want them to go to seed.

The area before it was prepared for spring onions on the left behind the comfrey and lettuces to the right behind the parsley. 1 cauli and 1 cabbage left over, to be left there until ready for harvest.

Lots of sheep manure laced with wool and straw was added a couple of weeks ago. Will make for the most delicious bed for the plants to grow in. All the loose bits of sheep wool will make a great water retention as well.

All finished and the bird netting over the area to keep the pesky birds off the young seedlings. I was going to take a photo of the plants in the ground, but not sure they would show up much. redface So figured I'd leave it a couple of weeks and give them some time to settle in and start to grow.

20 bunches of spring onions went in and 15 clusters of loose leaf red/green lettuces were transplanted . Very happy with the seedling count.biggrin

Back lawn is being mowed as I type this, Pat is feeling well enough to do it. So late this afternoon, I'll be mixing the lawn clippings in the compost bin.

Never ending is it question

Until next time....hoo roo

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Ali said...

you've certainly been busy!

Libbys Blog said...

Theres you just getting ready for your growing season and us winding down! Seems odd really, maybe I should have 2 homes one here and one downunder then I could do summer all the year round!!!