Thursday, September 13, 2007

Little Plants

What can I say about today ? Warmish, windy and rain clouds are passing over us.

Took this photo about 15 mins ago to show you what is flying over us. A new wind warning has just been released by the weather people. Thunder and maybe some rain. Time will tell.

Weather is all over the place from warm days to cooler days and coldish nights. Makes for interesting washing on the line, between summer and winter clothes.

Some of the lettuces I sowed from seeds and not too long till I transplant them into the no-dig garden.

Remember that little red loose leaf lettuce that has all my hopes and dream riding on it question Well it must have stressed so much.... another seed has germinated to help share the burden. mrgreen

It's just above the first little seedling in the photo, on the left. Very excited about having 2 plants as this means more seeds and a better chance of actually scoring some seeds.

I am so thrilled, my spuds have started to break through the straw covering them. This will make it easier for adding the duck bedding next week to the area, as I will have more of an idea of where to spread the soiled straw round.

I wonder what sort of kilo weight I'll harvest down the track question

Until next time....hoo roo

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